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If your department finances its vehicles, and with today’s budgets it’s becoming more and more popular, we’ve got you covered with a simple and easy program through Government Leasing, LLC. These guys are the most competitive in the business. They offer a multitude of flexible payment options to fit your budget and cycle. Here’s how to get an idea if this appeals to your department:

  • Compute the approximate cost of the vehicle you are looking for from the attached sheets. All cars and trucks are eligible, and remember, equipment (lights, partitions, graphics, etc.) can be included.
  • Call Steve Sachs at Government Leasing, LLC at 269-274-1508. Just tell him it’s the Thomas Dodge info. He’s also on line with this so you are both looking at the same thing.
  • Give him the amount you wish to finance. Just tell him what you are trying to do. He’s a cool guy, not a banker type, and will pitch in for a solution that works for your department.

Government Leasing, LLC has payment plans for monthly payments, yearly payments, payments in advance, etc. so let him know where you are trying to get to and he’ll take it from there.


  • It is NOT a lease in the traditional sense. There is no mileage charge or limit, damage charges, etc.
  • You OWN the vehicle at the end of the term.
  • You may include all equipment, graphics, radar, etc. in the payment.
  • There is NO extra monthly paperwork.
  • You CAN make one yearly payment and forget about it until next year.

Again…call Steve Sachs at Government Leasing, LLC at 269-274-1508
e-mail at

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