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  • The only thing you have to do is obtain a notarized letter from your chief, sheriff, commander, etc. on department letterhead stating your badge number and that you use your personal vehicle for police, fire, or emergency response if needed. We don’t need this until you buy the car.
    Call Program Manager Nick Thomas Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep at 708-403-8801 or 219-924-3000. Tell them what you are looking for and they will give you a quote right over the phone. It’s that simple and hassle free! You can email Nick directly at (Preferred contact method)
  • You can trade in your used car, obtain financing here or on your own, pay cash, etc. just like a regular car deal.
  • With a couple of exotic exceptions, the program is available on every 2018 vehicle Chrysler makes.

Call 219-924-3000 hit zero and ask for Nick.


Do I have to buy a “standard” vehicle or can I choose options?

You can get anything! Stereos to sunroofs, tow hooks to tires. All options are available on all vehicles from the base Dodge Dart to the brand new luxury Chrysler 300. Check out the cars and options on the websites listed below or if you are not an Internet person, give us a call at Thomas.………

How does title and taxes work?

It works like any car purchase. The emergency responder must be on the title but it can be jointly with wife, other party, etc. Taxes are paid at the normal rate, along with state title and plate fees. Another program advantage is that since the discount is taken at the factory level, the discount is not taxable like a rebate.

How about financing?

Our finance department has really competitive rates and most of this can be done over the phone or email! Obviously, you can pay cash or get financing through your own bank/credit union. There is NO special financing (0%, etc.) with this program.

What if I need some emergency lights & equipment added to the vehicle?
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Nick Pash : 708:403-8801 or 219:924-3000 (extension 0 and ask for Nick)