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A Little About Thomas Dodge

We’ve been serving the police community for nearly 40 years. Since 1982, we have been the largest supplier of Dodge police vehicles to the police community in Illinois and Indiana and while no one keeps exact records on this, since 2002 with Chrysler’s re-entry into the police market, have probably sold more Chrysler vehicles to the police than any other dealer in the nation. In the last ten years, we have sold vehicles in 48 states (Hawaii and New Jersey no…Alaska yes!). We supply most of the Chrysler test vehicles for the articles you read in Law & Order and Police Fleet Manager as well as the “project” vehicles for evaluations like the recent tire tests and brake tests. For the past 15 years we have been the Dodge supplier to one of the nation’s most respected co-ops, the Southwest Conference of Mayors so we are committed to the police market. We can offer your department the experience and product knowledge on not only the vehicles but the upfit equipment, financing, and all the other things that makes your job a whole lot easier. And all at really competitive prices. Fast…easy…simple. In an increasingly complicated world, the principal still exists. Give it a try.

Where Is Thomas Dodge…

We are in a south Chicago suburb about 1 mile east of the Illinois-Indiana state line. We are right off I80-94 between I57 and I65, with east access from I294, I88, I355, I290, and I90. We’ve also got easy pickup locations for Amtrak and O’Hare and Midway bus service.

Stock Vehicles
We’ve got them. We are one of the few dealers in the country that keeps a police vehicle inventory so if you wreck a car, hire some new officers, find some unspent budget money, etc., we’ve probably got you covered.